Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New profile picture by NimRoderick!

<--- It's this picture here by +Roderick Curio (NimRoderick)  !!

You can find him on Twitter - https://twitter.com/NimRoderick

Thursday, September 8, 2016

About my new profile picture :3

You probably noticed I changed my picture to a moth, but did you know that it's an avatar of the rosy maple moth? More info about rosy maple moths can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dryocampa_rubicunda

Sorry for the short post, but I wanted to make this a quick update :3

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Great Mahn

There is a mahn named Quizzle-Basm. He was a great man with many arms and legs; too many to count on your hands. One night, past midnight, he was outside in the rain. He was trying to catch as many droplets with his many palms. Hail decided to come down instead, all 6 cm in size. He went and caught them all masterfully; juggling them like a pro. The disaster that was the storm was now a circus play with all welcome. "Welcome all, I am the great jester of Alkazamzu!" He yelled to all his new friends. "We love you!" they all shouted back at amazement and awe. The great mahn was now playing hacky sack with the stones of hail to up the ante. Then, the hail storm went away with a great flash. People booed as the fun was killed with the light. The great mahn was also sad, but he was brewing a great big idea blitz lightning storm in his huge meaty brain of his. "The idea!--" He bellowed out loudly to his Microsoft compatible now-awating, funky-styled pals. They awaited the idea in silent, blinking eyes stare. "--is that we go down to Pizza Party Land and raise my tab to spaced-out astronomical amounts of green cotton!" The idea was now spoke and all was quiet for a moment, but now the sheer cheers was rumbling in the ear drums like a large garage band fumbling. The great mahn led the flailing wave of personal computer people to the pizza place with great dashing action. He opened the doors to the pizza aroma; all was happy. He then went and ordered several pizzas of each kind imaginable. "The wait will be ten days" said the waiter with a swirl of his moustache. After waiting a few seconds, the great mahn spotted some arcade machines. "Let me show you something great!" said the man to his swarm of pizza-loving computer allies. He then went to a multi-player arcade machine and dumped a quarter into each of the four slots. The game jazzed up and so did he; he was playing all the four players with his many arms. "Woah!" said the computer people crowd in shock in amazement. Quizzle-Basm was doing really well at the game when the waiter said, "First wave of pizzas up!" On the table lay gorgeous pizza of many shapes, colors, and scents. One pizza was the legendary Snacka-Crash; a mighty pizza in the shape of a "K" with a massive amount of green mushrooms on it. "I think it's forgetting something." said the mahn. "I did not forget." said the waiter holding a can of cherry cola. The fancy waiter then drizzled the mighty pizza with the soda with grace and professionalism. The legendary pizza reacted to the soda with a "sizzle-pop!" sound. The sound was loud and made everyone silent and watch and listen to the majestic pizza spectacle. The great mahn then took a slice and jammed it into his ear, per custom. He heard a mighty hear as if a multiverse was being born. Quizzle-Basm then ate the whole pizza in one bite. His stomach rumbled a great and mighty roar. He threw up rainbows, as per custom and thank-you to the chef. The arcade machines then all clacked their joysticks in celebration. A baby was on the way. He rushed to the bathroom and didn't spare a square. The toilet baby cried and whoever listened to the wailing had their ears bleed. "Why was I born?" said the magical earth-toned baby. "Why was anyone?" said the mahn. The baby smiled and nodded. All was fine and stunk of an abandoned cheese factory. The great mahn and his baby went down in history as great greaters of brown cheese and mahnkind. The day was won.

My Super Story

There was once a guy named Super Deluxe and he smelt like raisins and Squand. He had plasma balls for eyes and hair made out of A/V cables. Today, as always, he woke up with a face destroying smile on his face because it was so big and he decided to go downstairs for breakfast. He rummaged through the cubbyhole to see if there was burnt toast inside -and there was! He ate it and farted loudly, burning a hole through his seat with atomic force. He sat up and smile more and broke his face and put on a new one for outside wearing. He went outside with newly acquired face and span around while the birds chirped and leaked white goo out of their lower feathers. It was a good day, bright and sunny as a fireball. After top spinning for 5 years, he fell down and got a boo-boo. He bled a great bleed of orange flavored ginger ale. The birds were happy and quenched. The sun laughed and barfed. "Yes, today is a good day!" He bellowed out while smiling at the moon. He then tripped over his long hair cables and smiled and laughed with the solar eclipse. "Luckily I didn't wear my shades today!" he said as he wet himself as the bright rays ignited his eyes. His eyes were super happy and smelled of fine wine. He went to the store for some cheese but he only received crackers because the cheese makers were so busy writing a picture of motion about people with long teeth. He ate the crackers like a racist dinosaur. He chocked. He forgot to harvest the wine but the wine didn't forget because it leaked out of his eyes. He drank enough for the whole world. Even the world span as he did not unlike a top. "Inebriation across the nation!~" he sang out and the world threw ketchup packets at him. They were as happy as him and all faces broke as broken mirrors were fixed with reversed time. All legs stopped. All cars flipped upside down as the birds flipped while drawing on greeting cards. The loudness came with great quietness as he smelt it coming like a potato farm. The implosion of the festive drunks and winos of old made him lose his blue jumpsuit. His underwear was brown like one of the toxin body Hello Kitty thong. Nothing was dumb. He frowned and everything exploded. He had a headache and he missed the canceled show that appeared fifty years ago. He went to scratch his chin, but a beard lay there in the way. Beard of USB cables. He was pulled in and missed his show because of it and he was saddened by his choices today. He wept cranberries and mud. None was poor, all was happy. Except the normal and usually happy man- He wept then slept. 100 yellow sheep later he cruised in the dream world of the dark lights. He trembled, he was scared. Body jolted in fear, he was not awake. Blue lighted darkness leered at his shins and he cowered away. A faint familiar smell was then there, then away. A corner trapped him and he could escape but he did not. He awoke with such a strange noise from mouth. "It is the next year" Computerdora Cabesa said with a jolt. A zap and a bolt he fully awoke. "That many days?" He said with a tone of calm. "Indeed" they both at same time said with head tilted back. Buzzing head exploded but only man of cable and plasma was dead. Alarming was all and none. Surprised was one when the long black box was won. The tsunami of deep brown sand wasn't glad nor happy at the lad. All was quiet and warm and thus another Super Deluxe was born.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Plok now has a web comic!

Remember Plok from the Super NES era? Now he has his very own comic! He pokes fun at modern gaming, E3, and the like! It's a super fun read; I highly recommend it!

It's starts off with Plok waking up in his armchair from the ending of his game....20 years later!

Check it out:
Plok comic

You can also buy physical or digital comics of Plok:

Monday, March 16, 2015

Looking for a new card game? Try Pazaak Cantina!

 Pazaak Cantina is a free game (that is from the game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic) in either played on the web or through a game download that is like blackjack with a twist. It's first to three in which you have to go to 20, not 21, and you also have a hand of cards to add or subtract to your current total. You can play against other players or go against many CPU rounds.

 Give it a shot! You may become addicted!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A cute furry web comic!

I just wanted to make a quick post about a web comic series that my friend introduced me to; it's called Housepets! In the comic, the pets talk to each other and refer to their masters as mom or dad. It's really cute and funny, and it's still on-going!

Check out this strip I found funny!: